The Benefits of Vitamin B12 and lipo

(Fat Burner) Injections


The purpose of the Vitamin B12 injections is to improve energy levels, boost metabolism, and help burn fat. Some of the key benefits are:  


          • Boosts Overall Metabolic Rate - B12 helps metabolize fats and protein and in turns helps you lose weight.  

          • Helps to regulate sleep, mood, appetite, and energy.  

          • Detoxification/ Liver Health - All fat soluble toxic chemicals require B12 to be cleaned from the body.

            Your liver is your bodies detoxifying organ and uses B12 to process fatty and amino acids used in

             the elimination of toxins.  

          • Increases Red Blood Cell Production - Aids in production of red cells, B12 deficiency can cause anemia.  

          • Keeps nerves healthy - Helps to produce the fatty tissue around your nerves called myelin, which

            protects your nerves from damage.  

          • Works to help produce Serotonin - This is one of the chemicals produced in your brain that helps

            you stay positive and is often referred to as a "feel good" chemical. 


Stomach acids that aid in the natural digestion of food will break down the oral supplement in your stomach, and only allow the body to absorb a small amount of the actual B12. As you get older, your body's ability to absorb B12 through digestion continually decreases. The enzymes used to break down and metabolize vitamins decrease as you age. Vitamin injections and IV’s provide a direct method of supplying the body with nutrients. As the B12 enters the blood streamLENGTH OF



Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, which means it easily dissolves in water and is not stored by the body. It is eliminated through the urine, typically between 24 and 72 hours, depending on how active a person is and, it is more readily available for the body to use as needed. the




Please understand the importance of getting enough B12 in the Protocol, often usually easier said than done. Some estimates show up to 40% of the US population suffer from some form of B12 deficiency. That’s almost half of the population! Knowing the four different types of B12 will allow you to choose the right one for you.  


          • Methylcobalamin - This is the most active form in the human body. It converts homocysteine into methionine,

            which helps protect the cardiovascular system. Methylcobalamin also offers overall protection to the nervous                        system. This B12 form can also cross the blood-brain barrier–without assistance–to protect brain cells. It                              contributes essential methyl groups needed for detoxification and to start the body’s biochemical reactions.


          • Cyanocobalamin – A synthetic version of lab created B12, making it the cheapest supplement option.

            The most stable form of B12, although it does so through the presence of a cyanide molecule. While                                    the amount of cyanide is not dangerous, it does require the body to expend energy to convert and remove it. 

          • Hydroxocobalamin - Bacteria naturally creates this form of vitamin B12, making it the main type found in

            most foods. It easily converts into Methylcobalamin in the body. Hydroxocobalamin is commonly used via                              injection as a treatment for B12 deficiency as well as a treatment for cyanide poisoning. (This is the B12                                that is used in our hCG/B12 combo package as it is best kept refrigerated) • Adenosylcobalamin - The energy                      formation that occurs during the Citric Acid cycle requires this form of B12. Although naturally occurring, it is                        the least stable of the four types of B12 outside the human body and does not translate well into a tablet-based                    supplement. It can be difficult to find this one in supplement form, although some supplements, like                                        Vegansafe™, have been able to stabilize it.


            Additional B12 Information 


Lipotropic injections are a class of natural ingredients called amino acids. Amino acids play important roles in the body’s use of fat. They enhance the liver and gallbladder’s role by speeding up your metabolism. They also aid in transporting fat and its removal. Our formula of Lipotropic has been formulated and perfected by our panel of physicians. The main amino acids used to formulate these shots areMethione, Inositol, Choline and B12. Essentially, they are fat burners that aid in the removal of fat deposits throughout the body.  

The different ingredients of the mixture we carry are known to have the following attributes:  


          • Co-enzymes that are required for proper metabolism of fats, and can remove fat from the liver   

          • Energy boost  

          • Speed up thought process and improve mood  

          • Building blocks for cell walls  

          • Essential components for normal cell and brain function  

          • Helps control cholesterol levels and gallstones  

          • Helps emulsify cholesterol and detoxify amines  

          • Helps keep healthy skin tone and strong nails

          • Promotes healthy hair growth and controls estrogen levels  

          • Helps with transforming carbohydrates into energy  

          • Helps minimize unwanted water gain 

Carnitine is a type of amino acid that benefits energy levels by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be burned up and used as fuel. For this reason, many take carnitine as a weight loss supplement to help bump up fat burning. 


          • Increases Endurance

          • Enhances Weight Loss

          • Prevents Muscle Damage

          • Amps Up Fat Burning

          • Boosts Brain Function

          • Regulates Blood Sugar

          • Additional Information 


Before you get any sort of vitamin B12 supplement, make sure you know what you are getting. Most multivitamins and oral supplements use cyanocobalamin. Though this can be effective for some people, it can cause problems for people with methylation problems. Methylcobalamin is the purer, biologically preferred version of vitamin B12 that is naturally found in food. For people with nutrient absorption problems in the small intestine, vitamin injections may be a sensible option to ensure you are getting all the nutrition your body needs to be healthy. 


          • B12 dose is usually 1ml every week.

          • B12 with MIC and L-Carnitine dose is usually 1ml every 72 hours. Watch videos for more information on

            injecting and best injection sites


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