US hCG Services with Tele-Med Consultation & Prescription

The medical intake form is required, you will find the link for the form on the Thank you Page.

This will be sent to our Medical provider who will schedule an intake call and write your prescription.

Ships to US only 


Tele-Med Consultation, Prescription, 1 or 2 - 5000iu vials of hCG with mixing kits

Select the duration of your round.

Choose Injections or Sublingual Troches, then you will have the option to add on a package that includes B12, or B12 with MIC!  

Once you complete your order you will be directed to our thank you page where you will need to fill out our Medical Intake form and download mixing instructions and many other helpful tools.  Once we receive your order we will email your invoice, once your invoice is paid you will receive a call from our NP to go over your medical history.  Our NP will then send your RX to the Pharmacy who will then ship your hCG with kit to you. 

50 Day


25 Day