Mixing, Storing and Dosing Instructions


You will be injecting only 12.5 Units 125 iu mixing this way.
This is to mix 5000 IU with 5 ML Bac water.


You Will Need:


  • hCG in powder concentrate (freeze-dried)

  • injection safe sterile water (Bac. water)

  • mixing syringe with needle

  • alcohol pads

Mixing Preparations

hCG weight loss injections are prepared in a very sterile environment. The area should be cleaned with alcohol and left to air dry. Mixing materials should be laid out in the sterile environment and hands should be washed with soap. Hands should be dried with paper towels.


  • Flip off the metal seal from the top of the hCG bottle at the perforated edges

  • Do the same with the Bac. water.

  • Sterilize the tops of the hCG bottle & the water with a fresh alcohol pad.

  • Take your 5 ML mixing syringe and pull out 5 ML of Bac. water

  • Inject into the hCG bottle, slowly down the side of the glass, not allowing the needle to touch the glass.

  • Be careful not to squirt water directly into the hCG. 

  • The powder will dissolve almost immediately, with a gentle swirling of the vial. 

  • DO NOT SHAKE!!!!!

Recommended Dose

125 iu you will inject 12.5 units

Store the hCG in vial in the refrigerator, on a shelf, not on the door to protect from getting shaken about. Store in something like a sun glass case or pencil case to protect the hCG from the light.  You will be using the hCG from the vial for your first 2 weeks, starting at 12.5 ml increasing dose if needed. hCG loses it potency in about 19 to 23 days so we will only store the vial of hCG for 2 weeks to see if you will need to adjust dose. Once you are sure that you do not need to adjust dose, you can fill and freeze the rest of your syringes. 99.999% of people never need to adjust their dose. 

Syringes Used For hCG Weight Loss Shots

A very small, 31 or 30 gauge, 5/16th" or 5/56th” needle is considered more comfortable for hCG subcutaneous injection (injecting in the fat layer), DO NOT REUSE NEEDLES

Helpful Notes Regarding the Preparation of hCG Protocol Shots
i.u. = international units

hCG should be refrigerated after mixing and prefilled syringes can be frozen to protect potency.

The larger the gauge number, the smaller the needle: for example, a 30 gauge needle is larger than a 31 gauge needle.



Dispose of needles in a puncture-resistant "Sharps Container". NEVER discard directly in the trash. Needles should be disposed of in a safe manner. You can purchase a Sharps Containing in our products section.