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Welcome to Becoming New Again Weight Loss Users Group! We are happy to have you as a part of our community and hope that you find the Recipes, information, and discussion to be useful and informative!


Since many new members are interested in getting started right away or have already started with a Dr or Clinic and have found that you were not given Simeons Original Protocol information, we do offer hCG weight loss kits and B12 supplements as well as help to get your round back on track here.  



What people are saying about us


Great guidance and support from Linita, she is so knowledgable about HCG and so easy to talk to! Karla G


Linita has been so helpful in answering my questions and getting me on the CORRECT plan. I am so grateful

for her patience. Its obvious she loves what she is doin and is helpful in ANY way she can be! Nicole A


One of the best informed decision on weight loss, skilled and competent coaches to help you through all phrases

for total success. A must if looking for nearly guaranteed weight loss. Vanira M



This is THEE absolute BEST weight loss clinic to help guide you along your weight loss journey.

Coach Linita is informed and will become an integral part of your celebration when you reach

your individual goal!!! Kym W



I lost 37lbs in 40 days! I look and feel AMAZING! Harris S



I was referred to Linita over a year ago and it has changed my life. After having rough twins pregnancy and

PCOS as a contributing factor, I was holding on the added weigh and was lost on how to get my life back.

It's been a wonderful journey with her and she's there to guide me with every step. I'm almost to my goal

and I couldn't have done it without her! <3 Noi V



Before you post to the group, please read this post in its entirety and use the “Search this group” function to see if someone else has asked a similar question in the past that answers your question.


Group Philosophy

Our mission is to provide strict Simeons Original Protocol Phase 2 recipes only. Unlike most of the other hCG groups on Facebook, we will only share recipes and information right out of Pounds and Inches by Dr Simeons who created the hCG weight loss protocol.  The Original protocol has been helping people lose weight and reset their hypothalamus for several decades and it is our belief that if it isn’t broke why fix or change it?


This group is a valuable resource for strict Phase 2 Recipes, asking questions and sharing experiences among hCG users. But there is no substitute for doing your own research and self-education by reading Pounds and Inches 


Group Rules




Allowed posts

P2 Recipes

You are allowed to post Phase 2 recipes using original Protocol ingredients only.  



Victory posts on weight loss or non-scale victories.  We all want to celebrate with you

Progress posts

Weight or measurement loss posts.

Protocol Questions

We are now allowing Protocol Questions BUT only our admins are allowed to answer the questions to ensure the anwers are Original Protocol and will not lead anyone off track.  

It is so important that this protocol is done correctly.  Protocol questions should be addressed by our hCG admins who have all done the protocol successfully.  There are so many groups that allow non-protocol information to be given by people who do not know the protocol.  Non-Protocol information can destroy your weight loss success therefore, we do not allow anyone in the group answer protocol questions.

Only the hCG coaches and admins in this group are qualified to give protocol advice on subjects like mixing, dosing, hunger, treatment duration…...


Posts that will not be allowed



NO selling, promotional or "message me for more info" posts. Anyone promoting products, services or other Facebook groups will be removed from the group without warning. If someone from this group sends you an unsolicited instant message or friend request, they are probably trying to sell to you.


Posting External Links

NO posting of links to websites where products are for sale. This group is sponsored by Becoming New Again Weight Loss Tele-Clinic and is the only provider of hCG and hCG related products.  This is not a place to post links. It's fine to mention and ask about any and all hCG brands. But do NOT post links to the websites. Standalone links to news articles will also be removed. No Live Videos.


Posts asking for or giving Medical Advice

If you have medical-related questions or concerns, you should consult your medical professional or join our Membership Group for Coaching.


We offer a special price for group members to join our Inner Circle to have your questions answered by our Certified Weight Loss Coaches who specialize in the hCG protocol. Join The Inner Circle.   This membership is a month to month membership, your card will be charged monthly and you can cancel at any time. 

Along with Membership, you will receive a downloadable Introduction to hCG Guide.


Inquiring where to buy hCG

This group is sponsored by Becoming New Again Weight Loss and is the only provider of hCG and hCG related products.  We work with a couple of reputable pharmacies for RX hCG, injections or sublingual Troches as well as B12 and Lipotropics. 


Asking where to Buy hCG Violates our Group rules.  We DO NOT support any form of homeopathic hCG as it does NOT contain hCG and Per Dr. Simeions (who did decades of research and created the hCG Protocol) should NEVER be done without 125iu of hCG in your bloodstream. This means that the Original 500 Simeons Protocol should NEVER be done using homeopathic drops, you may lose weight but you are doing so at a very high risk to your health.  You can purchase RX hCG, B12, Lipotropics, mixing kits. 



Please Stay On Topic

This is a Simeons Original hCG Protocol Recipe group to share recipes and basic information and experiences among hCG users. Posts about topics other than Simeons Original hCG Protocol, including all other rogue protocols or homeopathic hCG will be removed.


Respectful Behavior

Please treat everyone with civility and respect. We are all here to learn. This is a "drama free" group. Anyone starting or contributing to drama is subject to removal from the group without notice.



Getting Started With hCG

Where to Buy hCG, B12, Lipo (fat Burner), Mixing Supplies, Our Online Program and hCG Coaching


  We provide a few options for your hCG, all our hCG is Prescription strength.


       Buy Offshore hCG (available worldwide)

       Buy hCG made in the US  (Only available in the US)

       Buy B12 and Lipotropics (Only available in the US)

       Buy Mixing Supplies 

       Join Our Inner Circle for Group Coaching

       Get Our Online hCG made EZ Prep to Phase 4 Guides, workbooks and recipe book

       Get our hCG made EZ Phase 3 Guide, workbook and recipes 


️Recommended For Non-US Residences

Currently, we have an offshore pharmacy that ships hCG injections with a mixing kit to many countries around the world,

Buy Offshore hCG (available worldwide)


Illegal hCG Vendors On Facebook

There are many vendors selling offshore hCG on Facebook. It is currently legal to buy hCG from an offshore pharmacy for personal use but it is illegal to buy hCG for resell without a prescription and it has the same penalties as selling cocaine or heroin. Many of these vendors also cut corners and send unlabeled vials of mixing solution or B12 supplements. 


If someone private messages you trying to sell you hCG without a prescription, buyer beware. Remember you will be injecting this solution into your body so you want to make sure everything is legal and comes from a pharmacy with a prescription. 



Homeopathic hCG MLM Brands To Be Wary Of

If someone private messages you trying to sell you a homeopathic hCG product, it’s likely that they’re a “brand ambassador” for one of the multi-level marketing (MLM) companies listed below. Brand ambassadors for these MLM companies are paid to sell the product and get more people under them to sell the product.


These products being sold are homeopathic and do not contain enough hCG to protect your lean muscle mass while on a low-calorie diet or reset your hypothalamus to keep your weight off.  They are mostly appetite suppressants and are very dangerous to use on the Simeons Original hCG Protocol.  You should also be aware of the potential for inflated testimonials by those selling these products.


For these reasons, we highly recommend avoiding homeopathic hCG. 


These are the MLM and non-MLM brands of homeopathic hCG to be wary of:

  • Total Life Changes hcg

  • InsideOut Wellness

  • TrimYou Spray

  • Omnitrition

  • Miracle Skinny Drops

  • hCG Triumph

  • Nigen Biotech hCG

  • 1234 Diet Drops, formerly hCG 1234

  • hCG Complex


Homeopathic hCG Is Illegal To Sell


Frequently Asked Questions About hCG

How does dosing work and what dosage should I start with?

Dr. Simeons states in Pounds & Inches, the 125iu is the standard dose that he used for everyone. It is the dose he found caused the body to target the abnormal body fat for fuel while protecting the normal body fat along with the lean muscle mass while on a low-calorie diet and, most importantly, to reset the hypothalamus to keep the weight off.  


We have a Phase  2 Document with links for to help answer many FAQ.

We also have a Phase 3 Document with links to help answer many FAQ.,

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