The 4 Phases of the hCG Protocol


Phase 1 (P1):


P1 starts when you start taking the injections. The first 2 days you will be eating a high-fat diet while taking your injection in the morning.  This helps you to build your fat reserves as the hCG is starting to build in your system.


This is important for a few reasons.

  1. As the hCG is building in your system you need extra fat to help you not feel hungry during the first week or 2, this helps to trick your body into believing it has an ample supply of fat so it readily releases it and when you start P2 the low-calorie portion your body will continue to release your fat instead of holding on to it thinking it is in starvation mode. It is best to load on high fats and low carbs to help avoid sugar and carb detoxing which can occur the first few days up to the first week of P2.

  2. If you are going to miss a carby or sugary food like Ice Cream or Pizza, then go ahead and eat it. The goal is to eat somewhere around 3000 to 4000 calories a day during loading.


Phase 2 (P2):


On the day of your 3rd injection, you will begin the VLCD diet (Very Low-Calorie Diet). This will be 500 calories a day from the approved P2 food list. The shortest round requires 23 days and the longest is 40 days. Depending on which you are on, you will continue the 500 calorie diet for the entire 23 to 40 daysYou MUST NOT eat any sugar, carbs or fats during this time to ensure the resetting of your hypothalamus to maintain your weight loss for life.  CHEATING IS NOT AN OPTION!


Phase 3 (P3):

This Phase is the most important Phase of the Protocol. The goal here is maintenance. You do not want to lose or gain during this 3 week period following your last injection weight. Dr. Simeon's says in Pounds and Inches you are resetting your hypothalamus to this new weight so your body will remember it and it will keep you from gaining back weight in the future. You do not want your weight to go above or below 2lbs. of your LIW (Last Injection Weight). During this cycle, you are to calculate your individual daily maintenance calories. You will increase portions and reintroduce fats but must continue to avoid starches or sugars. Many people choose either a low carb diet or the Keto diet. Just like in P2. if you reintroduce carbs or sugars you will not reset your metabolism. THERE IS NO CHEATING ALLOWED!  You will monitor this by weighing daily and seeing if a new food causes you to gain. Once you have stabilized for 3 weeks, 21 days, you can move on to P4, If you experience a gain during your stabilization period immediately do a Steak Day.


Phase 4 (P4):

Once you achieve your goal weight you are ready for P4. P4 is the “forever” Phase. We do not ever want to return to our previous weight and will want to maintain and stay at your LDW. P4 is actually easy once you have stabilized correctly. If you happen to have an off day, the weight comes right back off easily and you can continue this process. In P4 you can begin to add back healthy sugars and starches. For me, I love chocolate and have tested this in P4, while I do not eat it every day I have been able to enjoy the “treats” in life, i.e. pizza, donuts, cereal, etc. when testing the P4 lifestyle with no gains. You will always want to monitor your weight so that if you have a serious gain you can correct it, but it is easier to have a treat in P4 and actually see no gain at all.