Sometimes LIFE just happens

Things were going great, I was 2 weeks into Phase 3, my weight was starting to stabilize and then I got sick. Yep, LIFE happened. I was planning a 6 week stabilization because I was done with hCG rounds for the rest of the year and I really wanted to set my weight this round. I had a bit of a time crunch because I have a 5k in July and a half marathon in Oct. that I needed to start training for so I had the timing all worked out.

The cold ended up a bacterial infection in my lungs and once I started taking cold medicine then antibiotic things went south. I ended up having a reaction to the antibiotics. My intestines became inflamed which triggered diverticulitis and I even ended up in the hospital :( The Dr. put me on the B.R.A.T. diet, that’s Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast. Now none of these are allowed in P3 for stabilization but my health had to come first so I followed the Drs orders.

My weight didn’t get too out of control, overall I went up about 5 pounds above Last Injection Weight and I am unable to do a correction day. I got really bummed out because I had such high expectations to be able to do this phase 3 correctly and set my weight before I started lifting weight and running.

I am slowly getting back to P3 eating and my weight is coming back down, today I am 3.6 above LIW.

The lesson I have learned here, sometimes you have to just relax and ride the wave. There was nothing I could do to stick with my plan, I had to just let go and get healthy.

My plan for now is to get completely back on P3 foods, finish out my Phase 3 no matter where my weight lands and move into Phase 4 to start training for my races.

I will then try to break my addiction to the scale because I know weight training will make the scale go up. I am going to try to just go by measurements and body fat and BMI.

This hCG journey is never a dull one. However it turns out I am not over 200 pounds like I used to be and I am so much helthier than I used to be.

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