What is happening to your body when you cheat on hCG?

Not only will you stall your progress but you can make trouble for the future resetting of your metabolism. Let's talk Cheating. The hCG protocol is not like every other diet. It is unforgiving and if you cheat you are cheating yourself out of your time, your money and your lifelong weight loss goals. What you are really doing when you cheat on the hCG protocol is set yourself up to gain your weight back once you are done with your round. This protocol is so much more than a diet as it resets your metabolism. When you are on the hCG and on the 500 calorie diet your hypothalamus prepares for a reset. Every Time you cheat you hinder the reset process. You need hCG in your system following the protocol for 23 days for a good reset, if you have cheated within those 23 days you will have trouble stabilizing and keeping the weight off because your system has not been able to reset correctly. So why would we do this to ourselves. 23 or even 40 days days of sticking to this protocol is such a short amount of time to stay faithful for your health sake. You can do anything you set your mind to for 23 to 40 days, right? Why do you convince yourself that you cant live without this treat or that cheat for 23 to 40 days? Trust me as someone who has been there and done that, your future self will thank you.

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