Tips to treat sickness while on hCG

Tips to Treat Sickness

1. Dr. Simeons uses a combination of antihistamine and large quantities of

vitamin C. You should feel better in about 3 days.

2. You can try to alleviate a sickness with the combination of essential oils: one

drop each of cinnamon, thyme and clove essential oils on top of a small amount

(a couple of inches) of boiling water in a small saucepan. Cover your head with

a towel and try to breathe in and hold in sinuses and lungs several times

during a period of 3-4 minutes. Be careful not to get too close to the water

because the extracts are tremendously strong, you need to get accustomed to

the scents.

3. Dr. Simeons says an aspirin for a headache is okay. Some people have

successfully used Excedrin, Advil, Tylenol without any effect on weight loss.

Just make sure to avoid the ones that have the shiny coating that makes them

look like M&Ms!! That coating has sugar in it.

4. Do NOT suffer...if you NEED a medication, take it and just make up any

lost time when you are feeling better.

5. As a home remedy, you can drink LOTS of water and hot teas to flush the

sickness out of your system.

6. For stomach troubles ensure you are not de-hydrated or over-hydrated.

Check that your fluids, both the amount (at least 2 liters for the day) and the

type (coffee, tea, water, etc.). Excess fluids can weaken your digestive enzymes

which, in turn, makes it more difficult for your stomach to process the food.

Drinking too much coffee and/or tea (and not enough water) can also cause

stomach problems due to the acids and tannins embedded in these types of


7. For heartburn with bloating you can take a Tablespoon full of apple cider

vinegar which will ease the acidic feeling.

8. Head fog and muscle weakness can be helped by taking potassium (99

mg tablet 2/day with food) until the feelings pass. Keep potassium tablets in

your house in case the problems return.

9. When you don't feel like eating, make sure you at LEAST eat small portions

of proteins and the two fruits.

10. For a head cold, put Tabasco on everything you eat or try eating spicy

foods. The hot foods will clear your nose. You could also try Sinus

Buster which is made with red pepper so it can sting a little at first or .

11. Take digestive enzymes (available at GNC) when you feel your stomach

cramping from not processing the food you are eating.

12. For back pain, you can start by doing some gentle stretching. You can also

try warm compresses on your back, massages, acupuncture, or visit a

chiropractor. If you need to use medications for pain, use the approved

aspirin. As a final resort, you could try yoga.

13. When you have a cough, cover the bottoms of your feet with Vicks vapor-

rub. You should put socks on to prevent the vapor-rub from wiping away or

sticking to surfaces (including your bed sheets). This works best at night

before bed.

14. If you have a cold or suffer from allergies or chronic sinus issues, this trick

will change your life. Dr. Oz on Oprah explained this remedy on one of her

shows. Simply use a sea salt saline sinus flush. You can use a tall drinking

glass and put a level teaspoon of sea salt in the glass, then fill the glass with

just warm water (bear in mind the temperature needs to be comfortable for

you). Stir well to dissolve all of the salt. Then, use a larger (i.e. 60cc) syringe.

Fill the syringe with the sea salt solution, stick it comfortably in one nostril,

lean over the sink with your head slightly tilted forward and slightly to the

side. Then push the syringe to release all of the sea salt solution up into the

nostril and out the other side (pretty unbelievable, I know). You can breathe

through your mouth as you do this. Fill the syringe again and repeat on the

other side. After treating both sides, gently blow your nose. For Neti pots and

solutions go to Vitacost. You can even order a special pitcher from the

website to use instead of a syringe.

15. You can gargle with warm salt water to treat a sore throat. You can also use

warm salt water as a rinse (for about 5 minutes) to whiten your teeth.

16. In addition, the warm sea salt water can be used for treatment of an ear

ache. Put some of the mixture in your eat and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

The sea salt kills bacteria which not only cures an infection, it also prevents

future infections.

17. For a rash, you can try this simple home remedy: Dilute apple cider

vinegar with water in a 1:4 ratio. Use a wash cloth and apply the solution

directly on the rash.

NOTE: Keep your eye on your blood pressure as salt can increase blood

pressure; sea salt, however, is safe. Be sure to use sea salt, but do watch your

blood pressure.

NOTE: Use caution with all medications, it is known that one can overdose on

Tylenol and there are many chemicals in Tylenol products.

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