Life is so interesting, you just never know what is right around the corner.

What a year it has been and it is only March. I have been on disability for almost a year now and my gut gets better and then something flares up again. I am waiting to hear from the surgeon this week to schedule my hernia surgery.

Little did I know in May 2016 when I went out on disability and was terminated in July of 2016 that it was exactly what was supposed to happen for me to pursue my dreams. I worked for a software company for almost 10 years. I only worked there to pay the bills. I had never wanted a career, I wanted to be a wife and mother.

I was a stay at home mom who had side businesses the whole time I was raising my children. When things got tough financially in the early 2000's I applied and was hired on with this tech company. I was a project manager and was paid very well but it did not satisfy my soul. I was not made to work in an office. I remember waking up and thinking I have given myself to this company for almost 10 years and I don't want to wake up 10 more years from now knowing I wasted 20 years of my life while my dreams sat on pause. I was created to work for myself, I need the freedom to do what I was created to do. Even though I knew in my spirit this was the very best thing for me it was a tough transition especially with my health issues, I felt like a failure but was also thankful that I was able to jump out in faith and do what I had felt I was being called to do. Help woman get healthy.

I really took a leap of faith when I enrolled in a Health Coach Course. I am a highschool drop out and did not have an education and I was terrified but I knew it was what I was supposed to do. It was a real stretch, all of the reading and studying but I made it through, I learned tons and became certified as a Holistic Health Coach specializing in weight loss and detox.

So many opportunities opened up for me this year. It is equally exciting and terrifying.

I partnered with Dr Henry who is now writing my prescriptions so I can offer hCG with my kits at a wonderful low price. Dr. Henry uses a US compounding pharmacy so we now offer US hCG and offshore hCG for those who still love Ovidac. Both will require a prescription.

My dreams are coming true, I have been looking for a Dr to work with for over a year. I have done everything I could to keep the prices of the hCG with the kit and prescription as low as possible.

Members get a 10% Discount.

While Dr Henry and I were getting things ironed out I also had an amazing opportunity fall into my lap. My wonderful friend and massage therapist Kelley Barr and I found a building locally and we are opening a Health Spa in April. She will be offering massage and I will be running a weight loss clinic along with doing healthy cooking classes and essential oil workshops.

I have been successfully helping people lose weight using hCG since 2013, friends, family and online. A few months ago I launched my One on One hCG coaching and I am booking up fast. You get the support, education and motivation of going to a clinic but at a fraction of the cost. If you are new to the hCG protocol or have had challenges sticking to the protocol you might want to set up some accountability coaching. I also offer mixing and dosing calls for the first time hCG mixers.

If you have questions about if hCG is right for you or if you are ready for a round set up a complimentary call. Check out my coaching packages HERE

As you can see from my new logo I am also rebranding. My Becoming New Again website is just about done. It will be a separate website from my Becoming New Again - Weight Loss site (this site).

On my Becoming New Again web site I will be offering Healthy Living Programs like detoxing, breaking free from sugar addiction, smoothie and clean eating challenges, 7 day slim down and gut health. I am also putting together some workshop / programs on diabetes prevention, fat burning and weight loss, nutrition, paleo lifestyle, vitamins and supplements, exercise, essential oils and an awesome 12 week Life Detox program.

I have started working on an hCG Phase 2 online program as well. It will cover everything you need to know about doing a successful round of hCG. I have already created a 2 week meal plan, shopping list and recipe book.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty to me and my hCG with ME brand, Everything will just keep getting better with Becoming New Again - Weight Loss. I look forward to sharing what I learn along the way. I have a few more BIG things planned for later this year.

I would like to offer FREE SHIPPING for the rest of this month. It is my Birthday month and I would like to give you a gift. Use Coupon Code "birthdayfreeship" for free shipping.

Be Blessed

In Health and Gratitude,


Helping women who have lost hope resurrect their dreams, restore their health and renew their mins so they can live comfortably and confidently in their own skin.

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