When your weight loss coach needs to lose weight.

Well I got the go ahead on doing a new round and I will be loading this weekend.

My story, I lost 70 pounds in 2011 and 2012 on hCG through a clinic. I had to pay $400.00 - $600.00 for each 40 day round so I had to spread it out over 2 years so I could afford it. Thankfully this clinic dosed correctly and followed the original protocol. It honestly changed my life! Besides losing weight it put my fibromyalgia in remission. In 2014 I had a tummy tuck to reward myself for losing weight and living an active healthy lifestyle. I had started running and even ran a few half marathons, I did a 3 day hike over the Sierra Nevada Mountains with a 28 pound backpack, I was in awesome shape and felt AMAZING. After my tummy tuck I found some of my fibromyalgia symptoms return so I did another round but this time I went through my Dr who did a "Modern Protocol" I learned a lot in that failed round. This was also the same time that I became part of many hCG Facebook Groups where they said I could add coconut oil and other awesome things to my diet. WELL..... It was a disaster, my hCG lost potency in 20 days so my 40 day round became a 23 day round and I hadn't lost much. I then learned about ordering hCG online so I tried a few different things like from offshore pharmacies where I had 4 credit cards compromised and my personal information sold to other pharmacies where to this day I still get daily phone calls trying to sell me medications. I also bought from some people on Facebook selling it for cheap, I got kits with saline solution and not bac water which is for single use injections and not multiple use injections. Saline will not prevent the growth of bacteria in your hCG. I ordered a vial of this LIPO stuff, I had never heard of it so I thought I would give it a try. It came in an unmarked vial and it was milky orange, to this day I cant imagine what was in that vial. I often picture this vendor putting some sort of solution in vials on her kitchen table where her cats were walking all around. I threw it away I just didn't want to chance injecting who knows what into my body.

after I lost my weight people started asking for help with hCG and I started helping them get their hCG and how do do the protocol. I felt this is what I was called to do, help people lose weight and get healthy. I went back to school and became a certified health coach specializing in weight loss and detox.

I have had 4 more surgeries since 2015 and have done a round after every surgery to get my metabolism back in order. My last surgery was Dec. 2017 I had my gall bladder removed, just a few months before that I was hospitalized for 16 days and almost dies from a total bowel blockage. I did a short round last Aug. but by November I ended up with gall stones. The last 3 years have been very challenging and I was having real trouble getting healthy. I have been suffering with horrible exhaustion and fibromyalgia pain, they also found out that I had a reactivated case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Some days I could not even get out of bed. I wanted to do another round to get the surgery weight off but just wasn't healthy enough so I waited. For those of you that know me well will understand, I prayed often asking if I could do a round but kept getting a "NO, Trust me" This was a challenge for me because I am a weight loss coach and wanted to get my life back under control. My Control :) I honored my God and tried to trust HIm, (I did but I really didn't) Through this He showed me that I had some unhealthy mindsets about my worth and my weight.

Last month the Dr put me on an experimental therapy that gave me energy and cut the pain almost over night. The down side of this medication that helps with weight loss for most, caused me to gain weight like 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Still getting "No, Thrust Me" I waited and planned to do a cleanse, Honestly I was freaking out, I have not been this heavy in years and I do not like it one bit. Once again me wanting to take control :)

Last week I had a call with my sister who wanted to lose weight and while we were getting her set up and I felt that I was supposed to do a round with her. I prayed about it over several days to be sure it wasn't me going after my own wants. I have a complete peace about doing this round with my sister and I guess this is what I was trusting Him for.

We will be loading this weekend June 9th and 10th. I will be sharing what we are doing to prepare and through all phases of this round. I realized that I have not done an Original Protocol round since those first rounds at the clinic when I successfully lost 70 pounds. This is why I stand so strongly on the Original Protocol, I have experimented with several different protocols and know first hand from my own experience and the experience of hundreds that I have worked with that none of the :Modern Protocols" work like the Original Simeons Protocol. I am excited to do this protocol completely by the book and share my progress.

This week I am rereading Pounds and Inches, Going over my Prep Check List and setting my goals. I will be sharing some of my prep materials in the Inner Circle. If you want more information on our Group coaching Facebook Group click here to learn more https://www.hcgwithme.com/consultation-and-coaching

If you need more information on the Original Protocol or have questions about your round you can set up a discover call with me.

I am going through what I know most of go through right before a round, I an excited to lose weight, I have started preloading with stupid foods knowing I will be losing soon. I am getting mentally prepared for phase 2. I am nervous and excited all at once. I will be sharing my progress in the hCG groups and am hoping to send out a weekly blog on what I have done and how it is going. My goal is to get back down to 152. My lowest weight was 142 and I loved being there but my husband, friends and family all said I was too thin. I still secretively would like to get back down to 140 :). I will be happy to be losing and be thankful for where ever I end up. I know if I follow Protocol I will lose the weight I am supposed to lose. This is how I keep from getting anxious during my rounds, I will not let the scale rule me it is a tool and does not have any control over me and my worth.

In Gratitude and Health

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