New Year - New Round. Expectations, Comparison and Reality


Like most who have big goals we kick things into overdrive when the new year starts. It is a time of new beginnings and we are excited to dream about what this fresh new year holds for us, what we can make happen.

It is time to set new weight loss goals, time to pull life back together after the holidays and time to start a fresh new round of hCG.

Whether you have done hCG before or this is your first time we all go into our round with expectations, some really healthy and others not so much.

I would like to help you to have the most successful round possible with the least amount of stress because stress causes our bodies to retain weight, not let it go.

First, let's take a look at your expectations. Please, for your emotional well being DO NOT believe claims about losing 2 to 3 pounds a day. These kinds of losses are extremely rare, usually only accomplished by men (who lose on average faster and more than women) and those that are in the 300 to 400 pound starting range. This is a very unrealistic expectation and will only lead to frustration and in most cases failure and quitting mid round. In Pounds and Inches Dr. Simeons states that we can expect to lose on average 1/2 to 1 pound a day. these losses are averaged out over the full course of your round, some days you will lose 2 pounds and others you may gain 2 ounces and go for days without any losses. The best advice I can offer it to expect 1/2 half of a pound a day. this way if you lose more you will be thrilled.

Another issue I hear all the time from my clients is that this round is not going like previous rounds so something MUST be wrong. This is not the case and we should NEVER compare current rounds with previous rounds. there are so many variables, different times of year, different weather, different starting weights, different frame of mind, stress levels..... You get my point, you can not base the success of one round on how it stacks up against another round. It breaks my heart when 2 weeks in someone contacts me and is disappointed on how this round is going compared to their last round and they threw in the towel and fell off protocol. It is also so very dangerous to compare your round to someone else for the same reason. Your lives are completely different.

Comparison robs you of joy!

Take each day as it comes, One Day at a Time. Treat each round as your first. Stick to protocol, connect with a group for support, motivation and accountability.

One of the best things I can suggest after working with thousands of people on the hCG protocol is to reach out for help the second you start to feel things going to go sideways. You know when you are starting to get weak or tempted to cash it all in and go grab a cheese burger. Before you sabotage your round reach out to a coach, accountability buddy, post in a group that you need help. This protocol works when you do it correctly but you can offer great HOPE or cause much DESPAIR! It is all in your mindset and in the way you approach it emotionally. You must be in the right frame of mind to succeed. If you are wavering at all when you are getting ready to begin I suggest you wait until you are in a good head space.

We offer may tools to help you succeed. If you are not already a member of our Facebook groups be sure to join. We have a Phase 2 group, Phase 3 Group and a Phase 4 group for healthy living before and after hCG.

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If you are new to the hCG Protocol and would like more information or if you have done it before but had challenges and would like to try it again and do it right this time we offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation to help you succeed. Book your Call now to see what working with me can do for you. Schedule your call HERE

I look forward to sharing your weight loss journey. Share your expectations for this new round and this new year below.

In Gratitude and Health,

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