Are you following the Original Protocol?

I hear this story over and over again with the people I work with. I lost weight in phase 2 but started gaining it back in phase 3 and 4 even though I was really careful. Upon further conversation I find out that these people were following a rogue protocol with forbidden foods, incorrect dose or worse yet homeopathic drops thinking they are doing everything right.

Many people think they are following the Original hCG Protocol because they got the information from a Dr. or a weight loss clinic. I mean professional places wouldn't give out incorrect information, RIGHT? Well sadly we have found most Dr.s and clinics follow and prescribe rogue protocols and what is worst, they dose incorrectly and set people up for failure. WHY??? That is the million dollar question!

We can only assume why they would do this on purpose BUT we believe that they set you up for failure with the incorrect dose and incorrect food list so you will continue to be a paying customer. You see when you do a rogue protocol and only eat 500 or even 800 calories you will lose weight BUT you will NOT reset your metabolism! What does this mean? You will gain your weight back and your metabolism will be all jacked up so you will need to do another round of hCG which means you will need to pay the Dr or clinic again (repeat business). Because you lose you think the protocol is working and then in phase 3 and phase 4 when you start adding foods back in again you start gaining and you think it must be your fault, that you did something wrong. When all along it was that you were not following Dr. Simeons scientifically created protocol that does reset your metabolism to keep your weight off.

You have to remember that weight loss clinics and Dr.s are in business to make money, in most cases you are just a paycheck to them. Now you might say, well Linita, aren't you in business to make money? The answer is YES and NO! Yes, I do have bills to pay and need to make money BUT it is way more important to me that the people I work with lose their weight and keep it off and move on into a healthy living lifestyle and just stay friends and not clients :) It is my number one goal to help obese people get to a healthy weight and keep their weight off so they can live healthy vibrant lives.

So, how do you know if your clinic is leading you astray?

First, what is your dose? Dr Simeons dosed everyone, big, small, young, old, male and female all the same dose 125iu. He stated in Pounds and Inches that this is the dose he found in his many decades of research that will target the abnormal body fat to use to fuel the body, protect the lean muscle mass and reset the hypothalamus. This is what hCG is supposed to do, it is not just about losing weight. In fact if you do this incorrectly you will mess up your metabolism. I tell people if you do not plan on following the protocol perfectly, don't do the protocol. You will be wasting your time, money and destroying your metabolism. This is especially true for those using homeopathic drops as they do not contain hCG, essentially you are on a starvation diet and can develop side affects like those who suffer from anorexia. You do not have the hCG in your bloodstream to protect your lean muscle and reset your metabolism. Dr Simeons said to NEVER do the protocol without 125iu of hCG in your bloodstream.

Second, if your Dr. or clinic allow rogue foods on protocol then they are not committed to helping you succeed. Many have adopted a modern protocol saying that because foods have changed since Dr Simeons created the protocol the protocol should be modernized. This is true, and this is also one of the reasons that so many Americans are obese. Foods have changed but the foods on the original protocol are simple real food that has not changed, meat, veggies, fruit, a small portion of bread and dairy. If you think about Dr Simeons created a very balanced diet. You may be asking, How can I know if my Dr or clinic allows rogue foods? Read Pounds and Inches. Pounds and Inches is mandatory reading for everyone doing the hCG Protocol. You can also see the P2 food list from Pounds and Inches HERE.

Think about this seriously for a minute, you are injecting a hormone into your body it is of upmost importance that you know what you are doing! You are messing around with your hormones, it makes sense that you would need to know what you are doing or work with someone who knows the protocol inside and out. Why would you ever want to do this protocol incorrectly?

All of these new modernized protocols have been created to satisfy more people to have more people try the diet. They have NO scientific studies or backing. They are just to make the protocol more palatable so more people will pay the clinics to do the protocol. People these days don't want to deny themselves even a little bit, they want to eat what they want without consequences. Well that is how so many of us got fat. The Simeons hCG Protocol is the only Protocol with decades of scientific studies and decades of success. Where are the studies and statistics on all of these rogue protocols that they produce long term success and reset the hypothalamus? There isn't any :(

If you have been unknowingly following a rogue protocol offered to you by your Dr or Clinic and want to get on the right track with the hCG protocol schedule a FREE call to talk with one of our Certified Weight Loss Coaches who specialize in the hCG Protocol.

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