What you MUST know before starting the hCG Protocol

You may have watched a friend shrink before your eyes or you may have tried the hCG Protocol in the past and lost weight yourself. Whether this is your first round of hCG or you are a seasoned PRO there are a few tips that really help everyone to succeed in not just losing weight but keeping it off.

Preparing for the hCG Protocol is extremely important for your success. The better prepared you are, the better you will do. The more effort you put toward preparation, the easier the Protocol will be.

One thing I hear most from people who fail on protocol is "I wasn't in the right mindset" the second thing I hear is, "I got confused by all of the information in all of the Facebook hCG Groups and/or My Dr./Clinic gave me the wrong information"

Because hCG has become a current fad for weight loss, weight loss clinics and Dr's. have added hCG to their weight loss bag of tricks, sadly not so much to help people lose weight but to fatten their own wallets. Remember this protocol has been around for decades......

The most important thing you NEED to know about the hCG Protocol is that it is a "MEDICAL PROTOCOL"




Medical protocol may refer to:

  • Medical guideline, for a medical treatment

  • Medical protocol, a set of rules followed by a medical technician or nurse

The hCG Protocol IS NOT A DIET!!!!!

diet noun (1)di·​et | \ ˈdī-ət \

a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight. Going on a diet

Think about this, you are injecting yourself with a hormone, that means that your hormones will be affected.

This Protocol MUST be done correctly to reach the results it was designed for. To help you rapidly lost weight by the hCG targeting the stored abnormal body fat while also protecting the bodies lean muscle mass and ultimately resetting the hypothalamus and metabolism.

So here are My top 5 tips for preparing for the Protocol.

• Know the Protocol ~ Follow the Protocol.

You MUST read Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons and follow it as it was designed. Dr. Simeons spent decades researching and perfecting this protocol. It is THE ONLY Protocol that has decades of science behind it. Just because you are going to a Dr. or Weight Loss Clinic does not mean that they follow or even know the Original hCG Protocol.

• Use REAL RX hCG.

Homeopathic Drops Do NOT contain hCG therefore should NEVER be used with the hCG Protocol. Dr Simeons warns about the dangers of doing this protocol without hCG in your bloodstream in Pounds and Inches.

• Dose correctly.

Dr. Simeons only used RX hCG and he dosed everyone at 125iu, he even says in Pounds and inches that you should NEVER dose higher than 125iu yet, most all clinics dose MUCH higher that 125iu and sadly this can lead to a bunch of complications the worst being that your hypothalamus will not reset and you will gain your weight back not to mention that you are playing with your hormones and as we age we find out just how important hormonal balance is. Why would you put your hormonal balance at risk by not following Dr. Simeons dosing instructions.

• Only Follow the Original Protocol from Pounds and Inches.

Along with incorrect dosing most clinics have altered the diet portion of the Protocol to make it more palatable. Dr Simeons says in Pounds and Inches that the food was gone over very carefully and that everything that can be permitted was permitted meaning that he carefully put together a balanced protocol with foods that will work with the hCG to help you safely lose weight rapidly without risk to your lean muscle mass and will also reset your hypothalamus. Altering the food on the Protocol will disrupt the reset process and again cause you to gain your weight back.

• Set realistic expectations.

Average losses on the Protocol are .5 to 1 pound a day. There isn't another diet out there where you can safely lost this much weight. I strongly suggest counting on .5 a day average loss so you will be happy when you lose more instead of counting on losing an average of 1 pound a day and being disappointed when you only lose .7

There are several more steps to prepare you for a successful round of hCG. I have put them together in My hCG Getting Started Checklist.

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Do you have questions about your hCG round, questions about what you have learned from your Dr/Clinic or rogue hCG Facebook Groups or have you tried the protocol and failed? Helping people reach their weight loss goals with hCG is my passion. This passion lead me to created my EZ hCG Guides and workbooks that have meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes for every phase of the Protocol, PLUS, tips, tricks, tools, tracking sheets, mindfulness exercises and so much more to help you succeed on the hCG Protocol.

I would love to help you get started or help you get your round back on the right track. Schedule a FREE Discovery call with me to learn more HERE.

In Gratitude and Health,

Becoming New Again Weight Loss

I work with those who are overweight and have lost hope that they will ever live at a comfortable, confident weight again.

I have been helping people successfully lose weight using hCG since 2013.

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