Big changes coming your way

We are making Changes to our Facebook Recipe Groups and making them Recipe only. 

It was becoming more and more challenging to monitor the group to make sure that non-protocol information was not shared and I have been unfair to our paying clients for coaching everyone in the recipe groups for free.

We are committed to sharing Original protocol information so everyone doing the hCG protocol will succeed and reach their weight loss goals.

We will only be admitting Original Protocol recipe posts, progress posts and victory posts. We want to keep it fun so we will also be running challenges and be giving away prizes.

We will no longer allow

Posts asking for or giving Medical or Protocol Advice

It is so important that this protocol is done correctly.  Protocol questions should be addressed by an hCG professional.  There are so many groups that allow non-protocol information to be given by people who do not know the protocol.  Non-Protocol information can destroy your weight loss success therefore, we do not allow anyone in the group answer protocol questions.

Only the hCG coaches and admins in this group are qualified to give protocol advice on subjects like mixing, dosing, hunger, treatment duration…... If you have medical-related questions or concerns, you should consult your medical professional or join our Membership Group for Coaching.

We offer a special price for group members to join our Inner Circle to have all your questions answered by our Certified Weight Loss Coaches who specialize in the hCG protocol.

Join The Inner Circle Monthly Membership HERE Use coupon code we posted in the groups to save $17.00 a month.  This membership is a month to month membership, your card will be charged monthly and you can cancel at any time. 

For yearly membership, use coupon code we posted in the groups to save $101.00 on yearly membership

Join The Inner Circle Monthly Membership HERE

Along with Membership, you will receive a downloadable Introduction to hCG Guide.

We thank you for understanding and we look forward to working closely with you in the Inner Circle.

We are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with a really affordable hCG Provider. This provider offers Offshore hCG and some B Supplements.

I ordered from them on the 4th and received the package on the 7th.

I wanted to share what all comes in the package when you order from our new offshore provider

Check out these prices :) HERE.

If you order please use our mixing and dosing guide as they do not mix and dose per the original protocol. Get offshore mixing instructions HERE

We at Becoming New Again Weight Loss are committed to helping everyone lose weight in a healthy safe manner, weather you need to lose 20 or 220 pounds we are here to offer quality products, knowledgeable coaching, motivation and support with our Online hCG Program.   

We are offering a homeopathic to RX conversion package.  If you would like information on converting to real RX hCG schedule a call for our special conversion pricing. 

Are you interested in joining our hCG Phase 2 Recipe Group? If so join HERE

If you'd like a complimentary session to find out if One-on-One coaching can accelerate you to the next level, book your session now.

In Gratitude and Health,

Becoming New Again Weight Loss

Helping those who have lost hope to live comfortably and confidently in their own skin.  

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