Celebrating people who 
transformed their lives with the help of hCG

I met Lisa online in one of our hCG groups. I am so happy for her and extremely proud of her. She took all of 2016 to restore her health.


Lisa is in her early forties and has 6, yes 6 children ranging from 2 to 21. She is a busy mom who shuttles her kids to all of their school sports and works part time to help finance her children's activities.

She says she is a stay at home mom who is never at home :). She was overweight in her first marriage because it was a difficult 10 years of marriage.  Her weight would yo-yo but always stay in the 190 range. After her divorce, she found that she hated how she looked and tried several things to lose the weight. She found hCG and it worked.

With the help of hCG, she got down to 160 and got pregnant.  She knew they wanted 2 more children so she was prepared for another pregnancy. Bless her heart :)

At her highest, she weighed 224 lbs and was terribly ashamed of how she looked. After her last child she turned back to hCG because she knew it worked. She started in 2016. She loaded in January to celebrate family birthdays. She was determined from that time on. She sacrificed all the sugary treats of Valentines, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. She held strong and never once tasted anything that was not on protocol. She learned that she has a strong sugar addiction and it is best for her to stay far away from it.

She sacrificed a lot. She no longer licks her kid's ice cream cones when they start dripping or finish their cookies or doughnuts. She hasn't had a candy bar, doughnut, cookie since January 2016 and she worked at Mrs. Fields when she started hCG.

Lisa Says "I really hope I don't sound like a B! I don't mean to. I've had several friends ask about hCG. I tell people the truth. It's not easy, it's a lifestyle, if you can't commit to the 23 days on the injections, you'll gain back plus more. Again, I hope I'm not coming across as rude!  

I still don't like to look in mirrors (but I think this is a mental thing), I don't recognize myself in pictures. It's totally worth it! 

///Lisa C.


losing 66 pounds, Kelley loves her new found confidence

  Lisa C. mother of 6 says "It's a mindset. And a lifestyle change. hCG will not work if you aren't ready to change. hCG is a tool. If I were to go back to my old ways of eating, the weight would come back. It's that simple. It's in your head. It's not easy! A lot of people think, oh, I'll give myself a shot, lose weight and I'll be good. Nope, you will have to work at it the rest of your life. I made that choice, I've sacrificed a lot. it's not easy, it's a lifestyle, if you can't commit to the 23 days on the injections, you'll gain back plus more."

Camille is my Hairdresser and good friend. She is a busy lady on the go. Not only does she do amazing hair but is also an office manager and tax preparer with H&R Block. She also has a grown son.


Camille started her hCG weight loss journey in early March 2015 at 207 pounds. She lost 17 pounds in her first 17 days and got down to 190 pounds. Then Camille thought she could have a cheat weekend where she went off the rails gaining 11 pounds in 3 days, putting her back up in the 200s again.


Learning that the hCG Protocol is not like other diets, where you can get away with cheating. Camille was determined to not make that mistake again. But it did happen again, and through this Camille found out a lot about herself and her relationship with food.  


Camille says that the best part of the hCG Protocol is the genuine opportunity to learn how to eat. Substituting good foods for bad foods and still feeling completely satisfied.


She learned that eating right requires as much effort, if not more, than any other task. She has also learned that commitment to being healthy is the most important part. 

Camille is in the Stabilization Phase and plans on starting another round. With all she has learned about herself, she is determined to stick to the program and really see amazing success this next round.

Camille, I am so proud of your courage to face yourself and make the necessary changes.

losing 66 pounds, Kelley loves her new found confidence

  After losing 28 pounds Camille said "We can 'Talk' about wanting to lose weight, but until daily action takes place for moving toward that goal, it's all just talk... getting back up after falling down is also key!  Never give up."

/// Camille J.

Kelley is my massage therapist and good friend.  We live in the same community.


Upon meeting we discovered we both used hCG for weight loss. Kelley is a beautiful, fun loving mother of 4, 2 boys and twin girls. Kelly started her journey in May 2014 at 240 pounds.  

She has completed two, 40-day rounds and a 23-day round. She has lost a total of 66 pounds. She will be the first person to admit that not every round was perfect, but she is thrilled with her overall results.

Kelley said that the best part of her hCG journey was the confidence she now has, she is finally in the body that she always dreamed. She can look at pictures of herself and proudly OWN that woman she sees instead of picking her apart and noticing every bump and bulge.

Kelley said the worst part of being overweight was being uncomfortable in her own skin and she is so thankful to be free from those 66 pounds.

Her advice for others thinking about hCG for weight loss, "You need support partners to go through the journey with you. It is so much easier to stay on track when you have a buddy keeping you motivated and accountable."

Congratulations on your accomplishment my friend.

/// Kelley B.

losing 66 pounds, Kelley loves her new found confidence

After losing 66 pounds Kelley loves her new found confidence.

I started a journey in the second half of my life to clean up the mess I made in the first half.

In December 2010, weighing over 200 pounds, I decided I didn't want to go into my 50's obese. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I set some goals and went to work. I am so thankful to found hCG.

My cholesterol was 310 and now it is down to 175. My triglycerides went from 383 down to 83. My blood pressure went from 120/80 down to 116/65. 

I have backpacked over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, ran many 5k's, 10k's and even a half marathon. I love living a healthy and active live.

HCG with Me success stories Linita.jpg

/// Linita Ellis

I started my weight loss journey a few years back losing over 65 pounds. I recently decided that I wanted to lose the last 30 pounds that have been holding me back from my ultimate goal. I was very nervous about the process and the expense. By the Grace of God, an angel reached out to me and highly recommended Linita Ellis. I apprehensively reached out to Linita and she got back with me immediately. She put my mind to ease right away about taking this new journey and she has been with me every step of the way. Upon our first contact Linita explained everything and went over her prices and everything included. After I began my round I had several questions and Linita was right there to answer them all.  I can’t tell you how Blessed I feel to have found Linita and I can’t thank her enough. She is patient, thorough and her prices are extremely reasonable making the dream of losing this weight a reality.


Denise C

I have been coaching with Linita for several months while on a weight loss program. She has been a constant support and has gone out of her way to assist me travelling out of her way as well. Linita allows you to work on your own issues while guiding you and not allowing you to skip between the cracks and get lost. Linita answers your questions quickly and discretely. Thank you my coach and now my friend.


Vanessa M

Helping you lose weight and get your life back!

Linita I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you have done for me in becoming my coach during this weight loss journey. Is coach appropriate? I feel not because you have gone so far above that with me. From teaching on foods & nutrition and how they affect my body my health daily and In turn my spirit to sharing recipes to knowing when to push, when to console through all my family stress and still keep me focused on my own goals and needs is so so much more. Through your “coaching” I have become more of what I can be! The gift of health you’ve allowed me to share with my family is on going ! I look forward to a continued relationship far beyond goals end! Thanks is such a small word but holds so much meaning when directed to you!


Susan D

I met Linita in a very organic way. She was, for me, an answer to questions I had posed to God. HOW? WHY?  WHEN? I was at my lowest point and feeling like I couldn’t lose weight, like I had to accept the cards I’d been dealt.  Linita asked the right questions and helped me to prioritize my life and change my thoughts.  She showed me, me.  She showed me the doubts showing up as failure.  But the greatest gift I received from Linita, as a coach, was believing in me, believing for me because I didn’t have the ability to believe in myself. She helped me to build my personal faith muscle. She is a great example of what I am trying to accomplish, having accomplished it herself.  I still have quite a ways to go, but I am certain that I will get there and that Linita will be cheering for me all along the way.


C. Simone R